Care Model, Services & Terms

Continuum of Care

With over 60 years of experience delivering the highest standard of excellence in loving care for seniors, Grace Village offers accommodation for a broad spectrum of seniors' living and care requirements: autonomous, assisted living, nursing care and memory care for seniors who need physical and / or medical support or specialized memory and dementia care.

Our internal health and care services staff enjoy a close support relationship both with regional health care experts and the specialized medical resources of the world-renowned Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke, just minutes away.

Level of Care Evaluation

Grace Village's Director of Care and nursing staff determine the level of care required for each individual using the broadly accepted SMAF standard (Système de mesure de l'autonomie fonctionnelle), which measures the level of self-autonomy of each resident.  Rates are determined based on the level of care required, with four basic categories as described below.

Grace Village's "Village Life" offers the advantages of a gracious autonomous retirement lifestyle in a beautiful natural setting, with close proximity to available nursing care and a wide variety of seniors' activities in the Grace Village Care Pavillion only steps away.

The attractive semi-detached bungalows offer two bedrooms and a garage, with property maintenance and snow removal services provided. 

The big plus:  Village Life includes at no extra cost all of the seniors' activities in the main Care Pavilion, optional access to the medical services (nursing, doctors) in the Care Pavilion, and a natural progression to the Care Pavilion when care needs change - all without leaving the familiar Grace Village community!

Assisted (Semi-Autonomous) Living is for seniors who are capable of maintaining an essentially autonomous lifestyle but need ready access to medical support and/or some basic living support services.  Village Assist includes two levels of care:  "Regular" as defined below and "Plus" which applies when additional personal care and / or nursing care are required on an ongoing basis, but not yet enough to require a move to Village Nursing Care.

The Grace Village Continuum of Care advantage - progression to more advanced care as health needs change, within the same facility and among familiar care staff, neighbours and activity resources.

 Living Requirements for Village Assist ("Regular" Assisted / Semi-Autonomous Living):

  • Competent to self-manage all regular daily living activities
  • Regular ongoing Caregiver supervision not needed
  • May have own vehicles; no cost for reserved exterior parking
  • Husbands and wives can either be together in a single room if they have the same care level requirements or each can have their own single room, or they can have two neighbouring rooms with an adjoining door for a mini-suite, as available
 Services Included:
  • Meal service (3x/day), snacks, accommodation for special diet needs
  • Nurse call bell in room
  • Monthly Nurse health evaluation
  • Registered Nurse on site or on call 24/7
  • LPN on site 24/7
  • Caregivers on site 24/7
  • Doctors on site semi-monthly and on call
  • Pharmacy follow-up (does not include order placement)
  • Housekeeping: Thorough weekly room cleaning with daily spot checks; weekly linen service
  • Recreational and leisure activities within the Grace Village facility
  Services Available at Extra Cost:
  • Distribution & administration of medication*
  • Pharmacy order placement
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Lab sampling, medication adjustment
  • Diabetic services
  • B12 or other prescribed injection
  • Oxygen-dependant
  • Colostomy or urinary catheter care
  • Support stocking assistance 
  • Food tray service to room **
  • Cleaning of wound & bandage or other medical requests
  • Foot care
  • Weight management protocol (including Diuretic if necessary)
  • Nurse call bell responses
  • Evening assistance
  • Showering assistance and supervision (in room)
  • Assistance with therapeutic bath (Whirlpool) 
  • Housekeeping: weekly personal laundry, additional housekeeping services in room​ such as daily bed-making

 * Includes pill distribution, inhalation therapy, blood glucose monitoring


 ** No charge for tray service when resident is ill
"Plus" Assisted LivingDetermined by the Director of Care based on an  evaluation of the number of Care hours required daily.


Village Nursing Care includes two care levels:  Regular and Advanced.

Regular Nursing Care is for seniors who are basically mobile and self-sufficient for most daily living activities but require some basic ongoing daily Caregiver and / or Nursing medical care services.   

Advanced Nursing Care is for seniors with more advanced mobility / physical challenges and / or daily medical requirements.

In certain circumstances where specialized care is required above and beyond normal requirements, additional charges may apply and these will be discussed with the resident, family or mandatary prior to implementation.

 Regular Village Care Service Guidelines

  • Competent to self-manage regular daily living activities
  • Normally does not require assistance to dress
  • Normally is self-toileting
  • Normally able to feed oneself
  • Does not require ongoing Caregiver supervision
  • Requires occasional assistance in activities of daily living such as hygiene, dressing, toileting, mobility and/or feeding. 
  • "Occasional" = less than twice a week, or for sustained periods of not more than seven days in any given month.
  Regular Care Services Included:
  • Meal service (3x/day), snacks, accommodation for special diet needs
  • Nurse call bell
  • Registered Nurse on-site or on call 24/7
  • LPN on site 24/7 
  • Caregivers on-site 24/7
  • Doctors on-site semi-monthly and on call
  • Distribution & administration of medication
  • Pharmacy order placement
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Lab sampling
  • Diabetic services
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Inhalation therapy
  • IV Therapy
  • Foot care
  • Supervised weekly whirlpool baths (private showers in every resident's room)
  • Housekeeping: daily bed-making; thorough weekly room cleaning with daily spot checks; weekly personal laundry and linen washing
  • Recreational and leisure activities within the Grace Village facility

 Advanced Village Care Service Guidelines

  • Daily assistance / dependence for hygiene, dressing and /or toileting   
  • Requirement for strict or constant supervision
  • Dependence for mobility and / or feeding
  • Inability to evaluate situations or make daily living decisions
 Advanced Assistance Service Requirements:
  • Escort to meals and activities
  • Transfer to wheelchair and / or bed
  • Wound care
  • Applying support hose
  • Tab monitor
  • Changing of incontinence supplies
  • Supervision in secure unit if required

 Offered at an additional cost (market rates): Incontinence supplies, toiletries, hairdresser, outings and restaurant visits.




Village Memory Care is for seniors who have reduced cognitive abilities including dementia and Alzheimer's, and who may additionally require infirmary care. 


Village Memory Care Requirements: Includes Village Nursing Care Services, Plus:

  • Daily assistance / dependence for hygiene, dressing and /or toileting   
  • Requirement for strict or constant supervision
  • Dependence for mobility and / or feeding
  • Inability to evaluate situations or make daily living decisions

 Assistance is Required For:

  • Escort to meals and activities
  • Transfer to wheelchair and / or bed
  • Wound care
  • Applying support hose
  • Tab monitor
  • Changing of incontinence supplies
  • Supervision in secure unit if required

 Offered at an additional cost (market rates): Incontinence supplies, toiletries, hairdresser, outings and restaurant visits.


Grace Village is governed by the Health & Social Services Act of Québec, under the category of Certified Private Residence.

Room Rates:  Once the appropriate level of care is determined through the SMAF evaluation, the room rental and resident care agreements will be drawn up accordingly using the prescribed Government of Quebec "Regie du Logement" Lease and Schedule 6 forms. 

Phone, Internet, TV:  Once the level of care has been determined and the rate established, the services provided will be per the descriptions below.  A standard component of the room and services rate is the "technology package" - cable TV, unlimited internet and unlimited Canadian long distance phone calling (VoIP, or internet-based phone service).  Residents supply their own televisions (Grace Village staff will install them) and can either provide their own telephone number or use the main Grace Village number with their room number as the extension.

Government Tax Credit Program:  Grace Village participates in the Tax Credit Respecting Home-Support Services for Seniors program offered by the provincial government.  We can provide assistance with applications for the program, at no charge for the service.

Changes in Care Level Requirements: If in the judgement of the Grace Village Director of Care the care level requirement changes at some point following the initial agreement, e.g. a change in a resident's health that requires a move from Regular Nursing Care to Advanced Nursing Care, an amendment notice will be prepared and delivered to either the resident, their power of attorney or the mandatary. 

If the change in care is planned and not due to an emergency, 14 days written notice will be given of the change in the care rate. When the change in care requirement is sudden or the result of an unanticipated event, the change in rate will be effective from the date of notice.

Guest Dining Room Meal Service: reservations required, cost to be confirmed upon reservation for individuals, groups of more than 2 or on special seasonal occasions.

Personal Sitter & Accompaniment to Appointments:   rate is dependent on qualifications required.

Transportation:  Grace Village staff will assist in arranging taxi or "transport adapté" service, or volunteer drivers can be arranged whenever possible (no guarantee of volunteer availability).

There is no charge for Grace Village's assistance in arranging transportation but taxi and transport adapté costs must be paid by the resident and mileage reimbursed to volunteer drivers.